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Building Champions with Character

In today’s world, people are hired for their skills and fired for their character.  In sports, we reward athletes and teams based on results and outcome of performance, but not on the Character Qualities that drive the outcome.  Character Matters believes the most influential voice in a program is THE COACH, and by equipping coaches with a systematic tool to recognize and reward the character of an athlete, we instill in them the habits developed in sport to go on and achieve success in life.  We believe that without intentionally coaching character, we risk our student athlete’s not only never understanding the character qualities developed through their dedication to their sport, but never realizing the true potential of their own Character.

Character Matters promo hang ups lining walls of high school.

Our Story

Stemming from a coaching family that goes back generations, Character Matters is a relationship driven program that aims to educate, empower, and equip coaches with a systematic tool to intentionally integrate Character Development into their coaching style.  Based in Arizona, for over two decades Character Matters has worked with coaches and programs all over the country to help build a Character Culture where the person is valued before the player, the direction of development is valued over the speed of it, and where “well done” is always better than “well said.”

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