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Respite in the Pines Women’s Retreats 
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The Respite in the Pines Mantra is included 

in this offering of poems. 


Respite Mantra

Suspend all certainty
For these moments
And allow God
As you know Him
To offer peace and rest 
To accept these moments
As they are
And surrender
Any and all notions
Of who and what
You’ve believed you’re supposed to be
And accept rest for yourself
Socially and 


“I had lost something... confidence, focus, purpose? Or maybe it was just grief. The retreat gave me a reset and now I have excitement, joy and energy.”


“I thank you for providing the space - to be seen, to be heard, to be supported in such a loving, safe environment. I just can’t stop thinking about how ALL women need this precious gift.”


“This weekend was amazing and I feel invigorated! Truly! The reset that I needed, that we all needed! Thank you for everything!  It was perfect! The “organic” sharing was unbelievable!!”


There's a difference between success and fullfilment.



The Healing of a Woman

A Collection of Poetry by Jamie Salem


Every single issue you deal with today is a character issue. We live in a day when “image” is more important than character and “style” counts more than substance. We tend look at outward appearances and ignore the essential qualities that lead to excellence.


It’s time to change our priorities.


What are you looking for in your players? Is it size, speed and talent? What about the strength of their character, the integrity of their play, and how they response to extreme situations? Look deeper and you’ll see the real difference character makes!


Character is the difference maker not only to improve performance, attitude and teamwork but also to produce quality people on and off the field.


To Engrave means to “impress deeply”. Let’s make every effort to Engrave the character qualities to be complete in those that have been entrusted to us. 


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson





Build the Program - Coach the Player - Influence the Person